• Stage Magic

    Scott presents a wonderfully, funny and amazing magic show for audiences of 5 to 500. This fun show fits into a small space, but fills a large hall with laughter and eye-popping magic. The show is filled with clean humor that everyone will enjoy. Plus the magic will have you and your guests saying "What the...?" (that's actually a direct quote from several astonished audience members over the years).

    Great for after dinner entertainment, or adult birthday parties.

    "Thanks so much for your delightful magic show. It was quite the hit of the party and certainly kept the group entertained!"
    -- M Hoff -- Sons of Norway -- West Allis, WI

    "We were all so glad you were part of the evening! Your show was wonderful, and I still laugh every time I think of all of us watching that first envelope go through the shredder. Hilarious! If you ever need a glowing reference, feel free to use my name."
    --Joy Nelson --Colorado

    "Scott, Thank you so much for performing at our Company Picnic this past weekend... lots of positive feedback on your performance."
    -- Chana A. B -- SC Johnson -- Racine

  • CloseUp Magic / Strolling Magic

    CloseUp, Strolling, Mingle magic -- this has many names. However, what you are looking for is a room filled with clients or guests who are enjoying themselves. That's where this type of magic performed by Scott will fit the bill. Prior to dinner, or during a reception Scott roves about the room engaging smaller more intimate groups of adults -- inviting them to experience a few magical moments together. Magic that happens in someone's hand, or with an object borrowed right there on the spot is highly compelling. In Scott's case, it compells people to laugh out loud and shout out "NO WAY!". It compells new aquaintances to discuss what they just experienced. It breaks the ice and brings people together. And that's what you really want at your event. Don't you?

    Scott is an award winning magician. He has competed with other magicians in the Milwaukee area and won contests in both closeup magic and parlor magic. In 2010, he was named Best Party Entertainer by parentsconnect.com.